Core Competencies

SV Synergies provides turnkey technology solutions to complex problems. We utilize the latest technologies, such as geographic information systems (GIS), business intelligence (BI) systems, and cloud-based infrastructure to develop and deliver custom tools and services to each of our clients.

Geographic Information Systems

SV Synergies specializes in developing enterprise geographic information systems (EGISs) that enable organizations to be more successful. GIS not only allows for powerful data visualization; it allows for data relationships to be thoroughly analyzed so that more informed and effective decisions can be made. Our EGIS services are most often provided alongside custom web application development and data warehousing to provide complete solutions to our clients. Our team has experience working with many GIS platforms, including those offered by industry leaders Esri and Google, as well as other open source groups.

Key Services: Custom application development, Data and migration, processing, and conversion, Database design and development Database administration and management, Project management, Life Cycle Planning, Web hosting and cloud services

Business Intelligence Systems

SV Synergies offers a diverse array of business intelligence systems services ranging from basic reporting, mapping, and charting to the development of advanced web-based dashboards. Most of our clients find that there is a tremendous amount of value hidden in existing data and systems, but they are unable to realize the value due to business intelligence system limitations. We specialize in building interactive web-base dashboards that extract the hidden value by presenting information and analysis results in dynamic maps, charts, tables, gauges, and more.

Key Services: Custom application development, Data and migration, processing, and conversion, Database design and development, Database administration and management, Project management, Life Cycle Planning, Web hosting and cloud services

Data Warehousing

SV Synergies data warehousing services include all aspects of database design, development, testing, deployment, and maintenance, and are an integral part of most of our projects. Our team has extensive experience with leading platforms and technologies, large and small, and proprietary and open source, such as MySQL, PostgreSQL, Oracle, dBASE, FoxPro, and Access. SV Synergies specializes in building enterprise data warehouses that automate workflows involving data compilation, cleanup, analysis, and reporting. Our data warehouse solutions integrate data from multiple sources in many formats, are highly scalable, and can seamlessly integrate with existing systems.

Key Services: Data migration, processing, and conversion, Database design and development, Database management and administration, Project management, Life cycle planning, Custom application development, Web hosting and cloud services

Custom Application Development

SV Synergies projects often require development of custom web applications specifically tailored to meet the unique needs of each client. SV Synergies highly skilled developers use the latest platforms, frameworks, and languages to deliver powerful, interactive user experiences in a lightweight web browser. We specialize in developing powerful and intuitive user interfaces that are compatible across most hardware and software platforms, including laptops, smartphones, and tablets.

Key Services: Interactive web application development, Database administration and management, Geographic Information Systems (GIS) Applications, Enterprise GIS, Project management, Life Cycle Planning, Web hosting and cloud services

Administrative Support

SV Synergies has extensive, proven experience in providing skilled administrative support for a variety of different Federal Agencies. Leveraging SV Synergies cultural emphasis on utilizing the latest productivity technologies, our admin staff are empowered with the latest productivity tools such as the Google Apps infrastructure, thereby allowing them to provide superior support to our customers. Administrative services include daily maintenance and operation, compliant documentation and reporting, hardware and software management, digital library services, web hosting and cloud services, and staffing and HR assistance.

Key Services: Support of daily maintenance and operation, Compliant documentation and reporting, Hardware and software management, Procurement management, Digital library services, Web hosting and cloud services, Website development

Program & Project Management

SV Synergies employs a strong team of program and project managers with proven experience working with federal and health industry clients. Many of our team members are PMI certified and have led multiple high-visibility, critical projects. We are experienced with traditional project management approaches, as well as more recent approaches, such as various Agile methodologies. Our team is also familiar with a variety of quality management systems, including CMMI and ISO 9000.

Key Services: Project design, Life cycle planning, Project initiation, Project execution, Monitoring and controlling, Project closing.


Our staff certifications include Risk and Information Systems Control (CRISC) and Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP). Our cybersecurity engineers and analysts are authorities on the system documentation required to obtain Authority to Connect (ATC) and Authority To Operate (ATO) on DoD networks and have engineered solutions for remediation and mitigation on discovered vulnerabilities to reduce the overall potential threat vector.

Key Services: Asset and Configuration Management, Information Assurance, DIARMF Certification and Accreditation assistance, Vulnerability Management, Risk Management, Policy Management, Cybersecurity Awareness Training

Hosting & Cloud Services

Cloud computing offers many advantages, such as continuous availability, cost reduction, scalability, elasticity, and provided maintenance. SV Synergies can help our clients take advantage of these advancements to be more efficient and effective, and in the case of our Federal Government customers, meet the Federally mandated 2011 “Cloud First Policy”. We are experienced in providing hosting and cloud services for websites, databases, web applications, and migration services.

Key Services: Web service hosting, Project management, Custom application development, Database management and administration, Cloud migration

Health Analytics

SV Synergies team is composed of multidisciplinary professionals with experience in the health industry, scientific research, statistical analysis, data mining, and other related fields. We specialize in integrating health data with other data sources and using advanced geostatistical analysis methods to get the most information out of data. SV Synergies health analytics services have been used to model vaccine supply and demand chains, identify populations at high risk of disease, and match local health resources to populations in need.

Engineering Services

SV Synergies has provided engineering resources for planning and coordinating the installation of Combat System and Command, Control, Communications, Computer and Intelligence (C5I) Systems in aircraft carriers, and other strike group or strike force units (including but not limited to LHA, LHD, LPD, and other L-Class units). SV Synergies has assisted in combat system design evaluation, installation, coordination, maintenance, training, program coordination, logistics, testing, and the development of combat system documentation.

Key Services: Timeline and testing requirement design and review, risk mitigation, modernization planning

Predictive Analytics

Keeping with the pulse of technological innovation, SV Synergies has invested in predictive analytics software to enable us to bring a major value-add to our government customers. Using data mining and advanced algorithms, along with the power of third party neural networks, SV Synergies is developing predictive analytics software tools to help the US Department of Defense manage and predict maintenance risk in both its physical locations and its vehicles, thereby reducing cost and increasing mission readiness. SV Synergies team includes experienced data scientists and developers with years of industry experience in developing and perfecting predictive analytics algorithms.